In praise of Satan, No one else.”

This website is dedicated only to Satan, his followers and demons. With that being said, please take time to read here and learn. Keep in mind, Christians, this website was and shall not be to please anyone. If you are upset about this content than, please leave.

” There is no greater love, than the love one has for their deity. ” And for me, that is Satan…..

Thanks to all my friends whom supported me in this huge project! And thanks to anyone who is giving me feedback and comments on this. It really helps me fix and improve on things.

Karusa Kuningu


Deviantart (( For Satanic art )) : https://www.deviantart.com/karusa-kuningu

Quora (( You can answer my questions )) : https://www.quora.com/profile/Karusa-Kuningu (Please note that that account was made when I was about 12, so some questions or answers may sound  off or a bit silly. )

Wattpad (( For writing Satanic novels and other things )) : https://www.wattpad.com/user/KaitouQuikui65336

Fandom (( PoS wiki )) : https://path-of-satan-pos.fandom.com/f

Instagram (( Posts and updates )) : https://www.instagram.com/ureinak_tenebrik/

And that’s all, I might add more later on, but this is it for now.

PoS Forum is released!!!

I’m happy to announce that the Path of Satan // Iter Autem Satanas Forum has been released. I finally finished working on it, there have been a few posts there, that is where you may chat, give feedback about this website or anything else. I also post there once in a while, just like on this blog. Please keep in mind though that I’m still learning. I also have a Deviantart account where I will post Satanic art pieces. If you have any suggestions on that, you may contact me there or on the forum. 

My conclusion on ‘almighty’ deities
Nov/4/20 >> Kurusa Kaitou Kuningu

My conclusion is that there is no such thing as an almighty deity. It’s simply not possible. If there is an almighty deity, then why is there still suffering and viruses in the world? Why can’t the deity do something about it? That deity can be almighty, but unwilling to, not almighty, but unwilling, or not almighty but willing. Take note that this is just a little theory.

A satanic theory
Oct/21/20 >> Karusa Kaitou Kuningu

Why are people quick to slap Satan when bad things happen? You know, I’m a Satanist, for two months I’ve refused to believe that demons or Satan is evil, deep down I knew they were innocent. And this came into mind, what if, the Christian “angels” always shape-shift into demons to make us blame them, and meanwhile the “angels” brainwash people and pretend to be the good entities? They are not, no matter how you may think it, it’s not true. Satan isn’t evil, get to know him first. 

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